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Send an email alert...

Paul Hewitson vor 6 Jahren in HxGN SFx / Asset Management aktualisiert von neil kay vor 3 Jahren 3

As of yesterday, I'm now programming in an office at the opposite end of the factory to the CMM.

The operator isn't always at the CMM especially if it is a long program.

Could PC-DMIS be set to send an email out to specified users when:

1)  the program stops when the probe crashes

2)  the probe needs manually removing/inserting

3)  the program reaches the end


Require Tracker Field Checks on a scheduled basis, or at least notify Operator

Kevin V vor 2 Jahren in HxGN SFx / Asset Management aktualisiert von Benjamin Stocker vor 5 Monaten 1

Is there a way to force field checks on a schedule basis, otherwise the tracker will not measure? Or to at least send a forced notification?


File backup/restore from Trackers (Compensations, Probe/Tips)

Kevin V vor 2 Jahren in HxGN SFx / Asset Management aktualisiert vor 2 Jahren 0

1. If I comp a t-probe tip on one tracker, for a t-probe that will be used on multiple trackers, is there a way to upload that new tip definition to the other trackers through SFx?

2. Can we auto-export all calibration and compensation files to store on an offline server?