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Estimate Execute Time from Offline

AbdullahATA 2 years ago in Metrology Software / PC-DMIS updated by Selahattin Akkaya 1 year ago 8

As a CMM programmer, I would like to know how long real measurement will last from offline programme. Part program already includes move speed, touch speed, etc all kind of info. So it should also give an estimated time before real execute. 


Thank you Abdullah for the requesting this.

An actual offline timer that can be fine tune for your specific preference would be a nice feature. Wait, everyone has been waiting for years for multiple print commands to work. And they are still waiting. Well at that rate of development, you might be retired before its release. That is if they even do develop it.

Here is the link to the pcdmis forums post.


Estimated Execute Time from Offline. By Abdullah

I hope they add it soon. It would be a great innovation for us.
Under review

Thank you for this request and comments. We are currently reviewing this request, though it is not planned for the 2022.2 or 2023.1 Release. We wil post our proposals here for feedback once ready, Thanks, Neil

Great for planing, hope PC-dims team will add it

Since it's already under review I use cast a vote on this one and will use it for another topic.

If it wasn't under review this would definetely would have my vote,

in addition, it would be good to have a virtual Jogbox solid model. By increasing the speed from the jogbox, a much more approximate time can be estimated.