Avoidance moves - using both before & after for the same feature

Richard 7 years ago in Metrology Software / PC-DMIS updated by Matt 3 years ago 18

 it would be a good idea to be able to adjust BOTH 'before' & 'after' when using avoidance moves on the same feature.for example, you might want a before distance of 40 but an after of 80. 

I hope this gets considered, I have brought it up a couple of times myself.

Here is an example of the Multi Avoidance Move and Clearance Cube Definition.

This is just an example.

PC-DMIS User Forum: Feature that PCDMIS lacks, but could be useful.

HexagonMI Idea Center: Improve clearance cube functionality

I voted because i asked to the development team to insert this a very long time ago, and not only for Automatic features but also for the scan's. 


This would be a great option, i do agree that having the before and after option would be great but also choosing the direction would be great.

So many instance I could use this in instead of a clearplane or move/increment.

Totally agree @JPG746, this would be a great update to the software


This is targetting 2021.2 version

shame it's taken 4 years+ to agree my idea was a great one! Lol

I voted Thumbs Up on having the Clearance Cube Active/Inactive and Start/End added to features and scans.  100% a must have.  Also, would be nice to have it available from Command Mode instead of embedded and completely transparent as it is now.

I have to vote thumbs down on having a different Before & After amounts for the MOVE BOTH case.
Moves are always tied to what come before or after.  I cannot see this as adding functionality you could not handle by the features that follow and I see more potential for adding more complexity than benefit.


No need for foul language! 

This is added to 2021.2 and I love it. This should be marked as "Completed".