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Graphic visualization of angle and distance definition

Vaclav Tichacek 5 years ago in Metrology Software / PC-DMIS updated by Jörgen Andersson (vpt se) 2 years ago 8


as a programmer I would like to graphically visualize the angle or distance that will be evaluated

as it works in other software, such as Polyworks, Quartis etc.

See attached video.



Great Idea. In the video, is that Polyworks Inspector for the CNC CMMs? 

Hi Dave, it was normal Polyworks Inspector. In Polyworks it doesn't matter if it's portable or for cmm.

Have a great day. Vaclav

So this is actually in there, it just requires a special handshake to enable/disable. To enable it, you have to hit the checkbox for the graphic display, then click somewhere else TWICE. I always use the plus and minus tolerance boxes. Same thing to turn it off. Sometimes it gets stuck on even though its "off", just close and reopen the program.


Wow, Polyworks seems very nice. The graphical display in PC-DMIS are far from what is shown in Polyworks though... I hope PC-DMIS developers can achieve the same.

Watched a video demoing "Inspire" where this was visualized:

Another software, PointShape Inspector:

Would it be possible to incorporate Inspires graphical engine into PC-DMIS (it seems to me that it blows PC-DMIS's engine out of the water when it comes to reporting).