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2020 R2+ Datum Shift reporting

Jacob Cheverie 4 years ago in Metrology Software / PC-DMIS updated by James Schilling 6 months ago 15

2020 R2 no longer shows any information on the report regarding datum shift. I find these values to be very helpful at times when diagnosing issues with our parts.


Agree! It tells alot about the evaluation, has it been used VS is it allowed, etc.

I agree. I use this data for understanding how the feature(s) shift, especially when we are having issues or when programming a new part. 


It will also be helpful to know how the machine operators can make the part closer to nominal.  If there is a shift that makes the position read almost perfect, but the datums are shifted a lot, you might think you have a really good part when you don't.

I've just got tossed into a new company which uses releases with geotol. Never realized the new Demons don't show

datum shift. Ol' XactMeas wasn't perfect, but it DID show datum shift, and it was pretty handy as mentioned above. Please let it back in the asylum!  ;-)

Make it optional as part of preferences.   There are folks that use it and folks that don't  want the space taken up on the report.   I'm sure there were reasons why it was removed and I doubt that they have changed.


Wow. Two years and still no response from Hexagon about any interest with adding Datum Shift as an option.

Come on, make it optional already!

I agree 100%.  Make this optional to show on reports.  Over the last several years i have come to rely on looking at the datum shift for any trouble shooting.  Not being able to see this now is somewhat concerning.

Why on earth did they delete the datumshift anyway?

Try to explain to a junior programmer that if they don't make their DRF correct you will get shifts.....but you won't see them 🤨


They need to bring this feature back.  I'm not a fan of this newer version of PC-DMIS for this reason alone.  At least give us the option to use it if we want to!


I vote for making it an option because I have had more end users complain about the amount of space it occupies and to remove it than those that wanted it.  not to mention that from a process monitoring point of view datum shifts can sometimes lead to a tail chasing event when making corrections (if CMM inspection feeds the process).
Make it an option as many above have suggested.  Only way to please everyone.


We really need this back. Even a checkbox to show / hide the information. 


 I agree with Barry We really need this back. Even a checkbox to show / hide the information.

YAAAAAAAAAS!   Why Why WHY would this be removed? It is a MAJOR part of our substantiation and program approval process!