Show constrained degrees of freedom in the geometric tolerance dialog window

Jacob Cheverie 2 years ago in Metrology Software / PC-DMIS updated 1 year ago 4

It would be helpful to see the actively constrained degrees of freedom as the feature control frame is being built in the geometric tolerance dialog window. As an example, assume I have a primary datum plane (normal Z+), a secondary datum cylinder (axis along Z), and a tertiary datum cylinder (axis along Z). Then, as I build my feature control frame, the geometric tolerance dialog window shows me which degrees of freedom become constrained as the images below show: 

Image 548

Image 549

Image 550

Image 551


You used to see it on the report if there was a rotation, but with the latest versions you don't see it so you don't get any warning at all.

This is a great idea!

Thanks Wes, you can vote on my other topic here if you'd like to bring back a representation of datum shift: https://ideacenter.hexagonmi.com/communities/40/topics/942-2020-r2-datum-shift-reporting

If you mark the "customized DRF" check-box, you can see which degrees of freedom each datum constrains

Image 575

Thanks Neil. I know you can see the degrees of freedom that each datum constrains when activating the Customized DRF checkbox, but most of the time people don't use a customized DRF. My idea was more dynamic in that the dialog window would show constrained DOF "real-time" as the datums are selected. The Geometric Tolerance command doesn't allow for material modifiers when choosing a Customized DRF, so the DOF constrained may become a bit blurry when modifiers are used. It may be a bit difficult to define at this point, but I thought it might be a helpful option for newer users.