Unprotect Protected Mode while Program is Open

Barry Buechner (bfire85) منذ 3 سنة في Metrology Software / PC-DMIS 0

Allow programmer to unprotect a program when program is ran in Protected Mode. 

Current State: In protected mode, if an operator runs a part and the part is out of spec or there needs to be further analysis, the programmer has to close out the program, unprotect PC-DMIS, then re-run the part to do the analysis. 

Real-life situation: Program was ran in Protected Mode and flatness was out of tolerance. In order to add graphical analysis to the report to see "where" the high and low points are, I need to close out the program, enter the password to unprotect the program, then open the program again, add the graphical analysis, save, then rerun the part.

Future State: To save the steps and time, it would be nice to have the ability to unprotect PC-DMIS when the program is still open, add the necessary adjustments, save, and re-enter Protected Mode.

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