Unprotect Protected Mode while Program is Open

Barry Buechner (bfire85) 4 years ago in Metrology Software / PC-DMIS updated 9 months ago 2

Allow programmer to unprotect a program when program is ran in Protected Mode. 

Current State: In protected mode, if an operator runs a part and the part is out of spec or there needs to be further analysis, the programmer has to close out the program, unprotect PC-DMIS, then re-run the part to do the analysis. 

Real-life situation: Program was ran in Protected Mode and flatness was out of tolerance. In order to add graphical analysis to the report to see "where" the high and low points are, I need to close out the program, enter the password to unprotect the program, then open the program again, add the graphical analysis, save, then rerun the part.

Future State: To save the steps and time, it would be nice to have the ability to unprotect PC-DMIS when the program is still open, add the necessary adjustments, save, and re-enter Protected Mode.

We run three shifts and some of our parts run as much as 3-1/2 hours per program. several of which are castings. There is nothing worse and time consuming when a part errors out due to variation and we can't get past it in Protected Mode. We have to stop the part, unprotect it and rerun it. Meanwhile the machine has to be watched because our specs don't allow us to run the machines unattended when unprotected.

Thank you for your input!