Change name of the seperate point when using 'To points' in autofeature

Wes77 4 years ago in Metrology Software / PC-DMIS 0

When using the 'To points' option in an autofeature, you can give in the name of the plane. In this case 'PL_A3'.

When 'To points' is ticked and you press 'Create', then you will get seperate points with a constructed plane called 'PL_A3'.

Image 402

The points are named like the last saved featurename for a point.

But I want them named 'PL_A3_PT1, 'PL_A3_PT2', etcetera.

At this moment I have to make a point and call it 'PL_A3_PT1' and make the ID default, and then delete it.

Is it possible that you get something like a popup in wich you can input the name of the first point?

And as a bonus, can you add in that popup the question if you want place the points in a group and what the name of that group should be.


Gr. Wesley.