Scale behavior with 4k resolution on monitors should be reworked

Thilo Graf 4 years ago in Metrology Software / PC-DMIS updated 2 years ago 2

We have new workstations with 4k monitors but the behavior of PCDMIS was disappointing while switching to the desired resolution with suitable scaling for our monitors.

We are using PCDMIS 2019 R2, with NVIDIA Quadro P4000

Here some screenshots for demonstration

Current Windows settings with 1920x1080 / 100%.

Image 399

So it looks now with loss of edge sharpness, which has particularly bad effects on the graphics window.

This is our solution at the moment, but the screen is slightly blurry.
We had imagined differently, especially working with CAD models.

Image 388

If we set the better resolution and the appropriate scaling for our monitors, it looks like this:

Now switch to 

Image 390

now it looks so after PCDMIS restart on the same monitor

Image 395

Image 398

Font and icons seems to be ok but the report window is not really usable without up scaling.

With up scaled settings e.g. 200% in the report window it looks not really nice, moreover the labels inside status

window are not scalable. You need a magnifying glass for this. ;-)

Please fix this behavior. Thanks

This problem seems to be solved in newer versions, but here in current v2021.2 SP2 the status bar has a similar problem. It's too great. And at status window, the deviation view looks too small. See screenshot:

I forgot... Coordinates and the other informations are truncated