Make it possible to delete hits from measured features from within the hits dialog

Jörgen Andersson (vpt se) 5 years ago in Metrology Software / PC-DMIS updated by neil kay 4 years ago 5

Like the title.

I use measured features a lot (placing hits with mouse/joystick) especially on surfaces/planes.

I have found it quite cumbersome to delete a certain hit from the feature, as you first need to

"find" the hit - either in the command or by using the "hits" dialog for measured features:

Image 258

After that, you will need to find the actual hit in the command and remove it.

Then, repeat the procedure until all the hits you want to remove are gone.

I would like to have the possibility to multi-select the points I want to remove

through the dialog shown in the image.

What version are you running?  I can't find that window.

Measure Dialog window

Example: Measured Point

Select Hit Targets

Example: Within the Feature Hit Targets dialog window double left mouse click the hit feature #1: 0,0,0,0,0,1

will open the Measured Hits dialog window. Within the Measured Hits dialog window you can change the Hit Type. Corner and Angle I have had issues within the past. The Surface Hit Type is an alternative too the Surface Point Auto feature.

I look back at this Feature Hit Targets Dialog Window in the 3.6 manual to find a Delete Hit button. Nice, there was a delete button for this dialog window.

From the pcdmisv36OnePDF Chapter 15 Page 639:

I just had to look back and find this missing delete button. I remember using this button when I was using v3.6. Not sure when this button was removed.

Thanks, Dave!

Well, actually it is still possible to delete hits by simply hitting the <delete> button on the keyboard, but I would like to be able to multi-select (CTRL + leftclick) in the hits list to select several hits for deletion. As they get marked in the list, they should also be marked in the graphics view (like current state).