Make tubeshaper support more non-round geometries. (square/rectangle)

Christian Grindle 5 years ago in Metrology Software / TubeShaper updated by anthony vianna 3 years ago 6

We are a job shop that does everything under the sun, tubes being no exception.  We really need tubeshaper to be able to measure non round geometries.  Round tubes are only half of our tube product mix.     Please help!!!   

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We're working on something you might like Christian! More details in the next few months.... :-)

Christian, some test tubes would be really helpful to us in testing. Please could you contact cs.arm-pl@hexagonmi.com so that we can organise this?

Anthony.  I tried but the email came back as undelivereable.   Please email me at christian.grindle@gsmwinc.com

Christian we're almost ready to go. We'll be releasing v2 of TubeShaper in January, and it will support square and rectangular tubes. If you'd like to test this before release, please let me know! anthony.vianna@hexagon.com


TubeShaper v2 was rolled out in March 2020. Did you give it a look? It can now support rectangular section tubes.