Manual Controller Specifications - Jog Box Functions

Anthony Fotion 7 years ago in Metrology Software / PC-DMIS updated by neil kay 4 years ago 1

Hey guys,

I was thinking this morning how nice it would be to be able to specify with your jog box or even form the machine directly set move distances while programming directly online.

Example: I program a lot of thinks that are almost 2 dimensional so it is hard to fixture so we simply just change parts run a quick manual alignment however sometimes it can be tedious to go take and find those manual points but still get it close.

So if you are programming without CAD and not offline and you want the machine to move what you know to be 10mm you can have an options to move in Z+ Z- X+ X- ect. that exact amount instead of feathering the stick to where you want it given the option to change desired distant in seconds. Usually we know where we want to go in each direction we just don't know how far but we know roughly and we know which direction we want. This can make manually take points slightly more uniform as well short of going back through your code and just adjusting your coordinates.

I am not sure if this is possible with current jog boxes or windows in pc-dmis but our machine has an older style j box with no screen or anything. So a window for quick input directions in pc-dmis and or on the jog box would be awesome.

You can do this, use exec block and insert move increment. Problem solved.