Easy access to axis data of geometric tolerance commands

Aaron Baldauf 2 years ago in Metrology Software / PC-DMIS updated by AKASH 6 months ago 3

Make it easy for the user to have access to all axis data inside the geometric tolerance command via variables.

We used to have the option to write "FCFLOC1.X.MEAS" while this syntax still works it only works if just one feature is selected inside the geometric tolerance command.

The new syntax is "FCFLOC1.SEGMENT[1].FEATURE[1].MEAS" while we can change the feature number to get the different measurement values there is no possibility to get the axis data of the features.

My proposal is to let the user add the axis letter(s) before the ".MEAS" or ".DEV" to indicate which axis he wants extracted. If no letter is indicated the syntax behaves as before.

The syntax should work with all available axis letters not only the ones shown on the report.


Image 539

I just found out, that while the old syntax still works, it only looks at the first point of the feature.

So in a plane the first point or in a cylinder the first circle. This is not what the user would expect and it is certainly not useful.

See this forum thread: https://www.pcdmisforum.com/forum/pc-dmis-enterprise-metrology-software/pc-dmis-for-cmms/529027-pc-dmis-2021-2-possible-bug-with-variable-of-position-evaluation

This makes it even more important to have an easy to use way to extract this data that also returns the correct value.

In the meantime, maybe Hexagon could provide a little tool (EXE file) to extract this data.

There was a tool (HighPoint.exe) developed by Hexagon that could give you extreme points before PC-DMIS got this native capability. 

I got a great update regarding this from Neil Challinor:

You will be pleased to hear that we’ve already made several changes in response to your query.

  • “Old expression syntax” is not available from the expression builder but is supported if typed in via the edit window or if already present in migrated routines.
  • For Position of a cylinder, the older expression now returns the correct value (worst value) when previously these returned only the start point.
  • For Position of a plane, the older expression now returns the worst values as shown in the FCF rather than the first line of the textual table.
    • All GD&T callouts using the old expression language now return the measurement value in the FCF and are no longer based on the first line of the textual analysis, so this fixes the customer issue.
  • Using the old expression syntax FCFLOC1.TP.MEAS or FCFLOC1.MEAS now return the same value.
  • Geometric Tolerance commands now support the assigning the worst X, Y or Z value on a per segment, per feature basis – for example FCFLOC1.SEGMENT[1].FEATURE[1].X.MEAS.

These changes are available in PC-DMIS 2022.2 SP7 and will also be in the following builds once they are released…

PC-DMIS 2023.1 SP7

PC-DMIS 2023.2 SP3

PC-DMIS 2024.1 Release