Make the Parameter "Displayprecision" adjustable for Report Commands

alexander weil 2 years ago in Metrology Software / PC-DMIS 0
At the Moment it is not possible to adjust the Displayprecision of the Reports, when the Reports are created out of the Report Command --> Print Command.
It will always use the last setting. For example: If I switch inside my PP from Displayprecision "3" to "2" and back to "3" it will use the setting "3" for the whole Report.  I know this is "works as designed" but I kindly ask to make this Parameter available.
Reason I am asking this is that it is not possible to create two Reports out of one Routine (as we all know). Therefore I have to create the Report as a Report command and the use "Copy File" command in PC-DMIS to duplicate the Report. Unfortunately the Report command Report does not take over all my Displayprecision Settings as described above.
Alternatively you could make the Function available to Print the standard Report twice. For standard Reports created with "File --> Printer --> Printer Report Setting" Displayprecision works fine.
On the other Hand: When I set up different Displayprecision settings inside my Routine, why wouldnt I see it on my Report, no matter how it has been created?