Adding a + sign to constructed features to see the points that create circles, cylinders and cones...etc..

DavidthatDay 2 years ago in Metrology Software / PC-DMIS updated by Neil Challinor 1 year ago 3

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I'd like to see an option to pull the points out of a circle without having to click on the cad to do so.  When i am inside my constructed feature, i wish i could just click the circle and maybe a plus sign next to it so i can get a drop down of what auto points were used to create the circle.  


We are adding the "select all hits" button to all BF / BFRE constructions in PC-DMIS 2023,2.  This will automatically select all of the individual hits from a selected feature and use them for the construction instead of using the centroid.  An example of where this will be beneficial is if you had used two semi-circles to measure the same hole (to avoid an obstruction maybe) and then wanted to combine those two semi-circles into one.  If you try to construct a BF / BFRE circle from the two inputs you will get an error because PC-DMIS requires a minimum of 3 points but only sees the 2 centroids.  Clicking the "Select All Hits" button would combine all of the hits from the two input features.

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I like this very much but have three comments:

  • I am not sure we want that dialog list box to populate w/ a complete list of hits for features as they could be scanned features with 100ths or 1000ths of hits (points). I suggest we highlight the feature.
  • What if I want all hits from a circle and additional hits from vector points.  This is a mix and valid case.
    The original proposal from David makes more sense because it allows selecting ALLHITS for a selected feature.
    The Goal is to avoid having to go into command mode to add a CIR10.HIT[1..CIR10.NUMHITS] by hand.
  • Positioning of Select All Hits button isn't best.  And a mute point based on my first bullet point.  We should be able to pick all hits for a selected feature.  Not globally to all selected features in the dialog.  Should be by selected feature.


The "select all hits" only exposes the hits of features that you have already selected in the feature list.  It supports the use case mentioned in your second point.

I see that you're a Hexagon employee - message me directly through Teams and I can give you a demo via a screenshare.