Some Top Rated Suggested features over five years old

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Some Top Rated Suggested features over five years old
02-02-2022, 08:02 AM

PC-DMIS 2022.1 Technical Preview

Well, here is 2022.1 and still we wait for the ability to change from online to offline (Posted five years ago). Just like print commands when choosing two formats, Then the request to change the routine from inches to metric (Posted five years ago) and so many more requested changes.
Yes, there have been some great improvements over the years. Why is it taking so long to make these other requests.

Change from Online / Offline
Link: https://ideacenter.hexagonmi.com/en/...online-offline

Have the ability to change the program from English to Metric, not just the reporting
Link: https://ideacenter.hexagonmi.com/en/...-the-reporting

Ability to use Multiple Print Commands with different formats. There is a Case Number 00244229 for this as well.
Link: https://ideacenter.hexagonmi.com/en/...ferent-formats

Adding the Measure Now button within the Auto Features.
Measure Now toggle icon (Posted five years ago) that needs better visual aids to help let the user know that the CMM will execute immediately. Add a way to turn on or off globally. This one can destroy a CMM in a hurry. Forget that this button is on, select the OK button, and watch the dollars disappear.
Link: https://ideacenter.hexagonmi.com/en/...ow-toggle-icon


Not to mention changing the Icon color  to something with more contrast was declined with 40 votes.   This seems to be a triumph of marketing over functionality.