Excel Form Report - allow to change number of exported decimal places independent of report

Aaron Baldauf 3 years ago in Metrology Software / PC-DMIS updated 3 years ago 2

Allow to change the number of exported decimal places independent of the report (see attached picture).

Or.. if this is too much to change -> force the excel export to always export at 6/7 (mm/inch) decimals.

This would allow to have an easy to read PDF/Print but still retain all the Data in the Excel Export.

At the moment if the PDF/Print is set to 3 decimals the export is also just 3 decimals.

This leads to PDF/Prints that are out of tolerance (shown red) but exports that are shown as in tolerance (wrongly)

Image 496

I like this suggestion very much.  But, I would prefer not to hard code to 6/7 (mm/inch), but instead add to the configuration the ability to specify output precision/resolution. 


The reason why I think it wouldn't make much difference is, that anyway you can set the display precision in Excel.

So if you don't need so much information you can reduce it in Excel. But you can't add more information than PC-DMIS provides.

But I agree if its configurable it would be even better.