Add Constrained L2 as a "bestfitmathtype" for auto & constucted features

DAN_M_413 3 years ago in Metrology Software / PC-DMIS updated by Jon Wood (NinjaBadger) 6 months ago 1


Add Constrained L2 as a "bestfitmathtype" for ALL auto & constucted features.


This would give users who use PCD's "Legacy Dimensioning" but do not want to use "Geotol" to create measured features that comply with the latest revision level of Y14.5 

Currently, you can do things like....measure a plane and then "CONSTRUCT" a PRIMARY plane...but I believe my suggestion takes the "primary/secondary/tertiary" construction stuff the rest of the way. 

I like this idea.

Add CL2 and Constrained Min/Max as math types for Auto and Constructed features