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No matter what Hexagon measurement equipment or software you use, we want to hear your ideas and suggestions on how we can improve.

  • Your feedback and voting will benefit the majority of users.
  • You have 10 votes which you can allocate to your own or other users ideas.
  • We will focus on trying to realize the top voted items in our future products.

Thanks for your assistance in helping us shape the future.


Add RFID or similar to probe and stylus module

Aaron Baldauf il y a 2 ans dans Hardware / Sensors mis à jour il y a 2 ans 0

As written in the title my proposal is to add a RFID or similar to the probe (e.g. HP-S-X1C,...) and to the stylus module.

The goal is to eliminate crashes which happen if the operator selects a wrong currently loaded probe.

Image 536

I think the added cost of the RFID is way smaller than the cost of crashes.


Leitz Senmation / PC-DMIS compatability

Julian il y a 3 ans dans Hardware / Sensors 0

Why cant PC-DMIS control all of the senmation options? I should not need quindos . it puts a burden on the ability to stay with Leitz when I need more options. ZEISS runs all of theirs seamlessly in Calypso..I want my Leitz to do that!!


RS6 scanner for all devices

Sevdi Guler il y a 3 ans dans Hardware / Sensors 0

Integrate RS6 scanner to all devices. to CMM for HPLs, To tracker for T-scan-Las.