What is wrong with this 2020 version?

Ebonnee Nelson 3 years ago in Metrology Software / PC-DMIS updated by DAN_M_413 3 years ago 1

1. Why can't I access the most recent programs?

2. Why can't I edit nominals in the geometric tolerance tab?

I've been using this software for the past 7 years and this is one of the worst versions of the software.  When you did this update, why couldn't you keep everything you had before and just add new things instead of playing with all of the old things?


Hi @Ebonnee Nelson

1. As you update from version to version I'm pretty sure it will forget what your recent programs are and you'll have to set that up again. UNLESS... MAYBE...if you backed up your settings from Settings Editor and then import those settings AFTER you update to the new version. IDK if that would work, hopefully someone else chimes in to clarify. 

2. You CAN'T edit nominals in the GeoTol tab like you could when it was Xact Measure.  They made big changes to 2020R2 in support of the newest revision level of Y14.5. This is one of them. Pretty much, if you use GeoTol commands and you want to change the NOMINAL value of a feature you're reporting, it has to be done at the feature itself. This became the case for starting with 2020R2 and will be the case for all future versions .  Hex posted on their site explaining this stuff, check it out