Report only maximum formdeviation from multiple features

Wes77 4 years ago in Metrology Software / PC-DMIS updated 3 years ago 2

When on a cilinder a circularity is asked, it has to be circular in every cross section. So you need to measure multiple circles.

When you dimension the circularity you need to sele3ct them all, and then it will report all the circularities.

It is possible that you get the option to only report the maximum?

This is also applicable to straightness.

Since the introduction of the geometric tolerance command in 2020 R2 it is no longer necessary to measure multiple circles to report circularity of a cylinder.  As long as your cylinder has been measured as a series of circular cross sections the geometric tolerance circularity command will extract and analyse each individual cross section and report the worst one.

Thank you for the update.

Does this also apply for straightness on a plane, and runout on a plane, cylinder or cone?