Constructing New Features from Existing Features

Gyozo Szovetes 4 years ago in Metrology Software / PC-DMIS updated by Neil Ryan 8 months ago 8

Would it be possible to complete the drop-down list with "Using feature points" or "Recall feature points" or something like that when we want to combine several planes, circles, lines etc (created by scanning or touching points).

I usually use this code, for instance: PLN1.HIT[1..PLN1.NUMHITS],PLN2.HIT[1..PLN2.NUMHITS], but it has to be given by typed with manually.

It would be better if we could select the elements and and choose this "option" (it has been mentioned above) and done.

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This is similar to choosing (clicking) points in the graphics view, implemented in 2018 (from this suggestion: https://hexagonmi.userecho.com/communities/40/topics/16-add-an-option-for-hitbased-construction-of-features) but if you have many points, clicking can get cumbersome. I haven't used the point-and-click solution as I often want *all* of the hits. Maybe a checkbox in the construction dialog stating "Use points" or for versatility, use checkboxes in the featurelist when selecting the features to construct from that would indicate "use points"?


Perhaps this could be achieved simply by adding a .HITS or .ALLHITS property.

i.e. PLN1.ALLHITS instead of PLN1.HIT[1..PLN1.NUMHITS] - which would also make the code more readable and reduce line length which can sometimes cause issues.

This could be in conjunction with either a global checkbox in the construction dialog, or a 'per feature' checkbox.


Yes, this would also be a good solution.

Yes, just as NinjaBadger says.  That's exactly what I'm looking for.   A .HITS or .ALLHITS property.

Definitely a good idea.  Not having to do the Feature.HIT[1..feature.NUMHITS] would be helpful and would be friendly to automation tools and scripts.  I vote for a .ALLHITS and a .ALLRAWHITS also.

Thanks for the information and the effort. :)