Bring back the ability to edit nominal values in Geometrical Tolerance 2020 R2

darius 4 years ago in Metrology Software / PC-DMIS updated by Neil Ryan 8 months ago 3

Sometimes TED from drawing not fit with model.

It was easy to edit this if necessary on Xact / Geometric Tolerance field.

Unfortunately strange decision to disable this feature in 2020R2....

Image 423

The THEO X,Y,Z,I,J,K (and size if applicable) should all be correct at the feature level. This is because incorrect feature nominals will have a detrimental effect on many other things - alignments and constructions for example, not just dimensions. Although the older, XactMeasure style of dimensioning allowed you to edit nominals in some cases, it only provided a way of editing the X,Y,Z. There was no way to edit the I,J,K vectors, even though these values are equally important and needed in order to obtain the correct results - especially for position and orientation tolerances. In hindsight, we realised that we should never have allowed nominals to be edited at the dimension level which is why we decided not to continue providing that functionality for the Geometric Tolerance command.