edit window customization/dark mode

Nicholas Blum 4 years ago in Metrology Software / PC-DMIS updated by Mitja Smrekar 3 years ago 4

Add more rubust customization, as currently you can really only customize background colors to easily distinguish between different functions at a glance. I suggest adding more functionality, specifically in the actual text color, whether it is the standard text (black only as of now) or editable fields (blue only as of now). or just add the option for a dark mode that would basically invert the text/background colors so you dont have to have to have bright colored backgrounds in order to still have the text show up. 

Similar to the dark mode in Visual Studio...

Here is the Color Editor dialog window example.
I try too use the same color format that is used in VS code and Visual Studio IDE.
Attached is the color format that I currently use. Unzip and change the file name extension to .clr from .txt

Edit Window Color 2020R2 20210201.zip

Ya I have a somewhat similar set up, but in this mode (not using the background highlighting) it is just straight text on the screen, vs the code highlighting the editable fields. For instance in a tru-po or profile dimension, there are fields you can change without going into the editor like displaying the graphical deviation "CADGRAPH=ON" While you can still edit this without the background lighting enabled, it does not provide a drop-down of all the options. While this is quite arbitrary, it does save some time if you don't have to type out, vs hover-click-select option. 

Main point: with background highlighting enabled, it only changes the background vs text color. So you can only have relatively light background colors or you wont be able to read the black/blue text. Optionally you can use the approach you just described, but it would take away the drop-down function of being able to quick change the 'blue' fields on features and dimensions. 

I really appreciate your comment as I am sure many users are unaware of this customizability.



^^Example of the drop down function. when disabling the background highlighting function, this feature disappears.

Yes. Fix this issue above.