TubeShaper - Multiple Tubes in The Same Project

Michael Thurston 4 years ago in Metrology Software / TubeShaper updated 3 years ago 2

I need to create and inspect multiple tube assemblies in TS.  I could this very easily in DOCS with the A / B End tool feature.  I have lost the ability to have multiple tubes in the same project, I cannot do that now with TS that replaced DOCS.  We manufacture rubber tubes so we are a little different than a steel tube manufacturer.

Hi again Michael, 

I'm not sure how you did this in DOCS, because like TubeShaper it could only support one set of 'LRA' values (though I'm rusty, so I could be wrong!). There is a 'cheat' in TubeShaper though, which might help you. While you can't create a second tube in TubeShaper, you can create a sequence of cylinder features instead. Ok, it's not a real tube, BUT those cylinders can also be measured with a tube probe.


It would not be two sets LRA values but it would allow additional tubes (Branches) to be created and intersected using the "A" or "B" end tool option in DOCS.  This is not easily done in TubeShaper as I don't see that it gives the intersection point values of the cylinders of the branch hoses.  I also do not see that an inspection report can be created when checking measured values back to nominal when inspection a branched hose assembly.