Paste with pattern dimension names

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PC Dmis has the ability to keep feature names and add an index number to the name when using paste with pattern.   Being able to do something similar to Dimension names seems like a logical and useful extension.  Dimension names could then match up to a bubbled print.

Even being able to choose a name prior to patterning would be better. When everything is the same name with just numbers at the end it does get a bit much when patterning a lot of features at once! 

Hi Sarah, 

Do you mean that the user should have the feasibility to give the naming convention of the to be patter features in the same dialog? Could you please clarify? 


There is an ongoing development in this module and I will pass this on to the Product Owner Mr. Robert Jurca. 

Yes, exactly. 

Could there be an option for a "Pattern Name" section inside the "Pattern" dialog box? A lot of times I name things with the axis and or side of the part. When patterning to the right side from the left, I would like to change the names accordingly. Instead of "Left Point 1, Left Point2" I would like it to read "Right Point1, Right Point 2" and so on. 

I program a lot of medical plates. These parts require a specific amount of hits (amount chosen by our customers) on specific sides of the part to check surface profile. I always name them so it can be understood to the operator, Top Surface Pnt1, Bottom Surface Pnt1, etc. These parts are a lot of times mirrored the same on both sides. I love patterning but sometimes I pattern 50-100 points and have to change each name to them so I understand which side of the part I am reading. Example, "Bottom Surface Pnt1, Top Surface Pnt1," 

I wondered why there is a "Pattern" dialog but then also a "Paste With Pattern" option. Why not just have the paste with pattern happen immediately when closing the "Pattern" dialog box? Would you ever select a pattern without patterning right after? Or if not, why not have two options to choose either "Paste With Pattern" or "Exit Without Paste" 

** I understand there could be instances that I just do not understand. 

Thanks for taking the time to read my rant (: 

Agree with you about having the paste with pattern  execution button in the same dialog as the pattern setup dialog.  Think I may have suggested that also a while back

Did you guys have an option to check out the new PC-DMIS 2021.1 Release? The Pattern has been modified a lot. Now, once after you click the OK button, pattern will be automatically created. We added 'Apply pattern on OK'.

I can pass on a recorded video if you dont have access.