concentricity and coaxiality - References "A-B"

Levitec 4 years ago in Metrology Software / PC-DMIS updated by Rob Jensen 4 years ago 2

Why can't I use the "A-B" cover for concentricity and coaxiality?

References are circles and cylinders.

I found the following in the help:

Specification of compound references in the TR

The callout of the drawing shows a compound reference that uses the A-B format (with the references labeled A and B). This shows that the specified references should be used together as if they were a single reference.

Compound references only work together with a TR characteristic "position" or "profile". You can only select circular or cylindrical elements (layers are not supported as composite references).

Please also implement for the other features.

Completed - 2020 R2 Geometric Tolerance command supports common datum features for all geometric tolerances (except form tolerances).