Searchable features in ClearanceCube Definition Status Tab

Kingsld1 4 years ago in Metrology Software / PC-DMIS updated 2 years ago 4

I'd like to be able to search for a given feature in the ClearanceCube Definition Status Tab.   Scrolling thru a mile long list is not fun.   In an ideal world,  if the Clearance Cube Definition Status tab was open clicking on a feature label in the graphics window would take you to the feature in the Status tab.


PC-DMIS 2023.1 now displays ClearanceCube Settings window. You can set clearaceCube motion using this window.  This window can be docked or kept floating. It will display Clearance Cube settings for the feature where cursor is in edit window. Hence, you can search a feature in edit window and see the settings of desired feature. 

Image 552

If the clearance cube definitions tab is opened at this point, will the cursor be on the feature in the tab?  At  least for me, if one feature in a series is going off in the wrong direction, then all of them are.  It is faster to do batch change to the cube directions from the tab;  just need a easier way to find the features in the list..

This solution is a very good improvement; think it could be improved more. 


It is possible to do batch changes. All you need to do is select multiple features. Clear cube settings for all selected features will be modified. 

You will be able to see clearance cube setting as soon as you create it in edit window. 

Sounds great!  Thanks for clarifying.