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In version 2020R1, with the transformation window open, an autofeature cannot be selected. This feature was available in previous versions. Being able to open an autofeature assists in finding unknown cad locations for assisting transformations.

MIGHT help, at least for surface features.

Quick way of getting surface point data. Doesn't work for anything but points.

Turn on the Probe Readout window (Ctrl + W)

Right Click on the Window and a settings button will appear.

Click on the settings button.

Lower Left Corner of the Probe Readouts setup dialog has two checkboxes; Show CAD and Show Part

Click on the two checkboxes.

Now when you run your cursor over the model, CAD and Part XYZ IJK's will be continuously displayed in real time.

If you want/need more resolution then you can change the

DISPLAYPRECISION parameter. (Edit/ Preferences/ Setup/ Dimension Tab/

Number of decimal places.

I've found this very useful in determining which way a part is drafted

since I don't have access to the mold tooling. I can also get close

approximations of how far away a point is from the origin by zooming

in on the model and placing the cursor as possible to the lines in the


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TGammon, by "Transformation window", I assume you mean the CAD Transform dialog box that appears when you select Operation | Graphic Display
Window | Transform
? In 2021.1, at least, with that dialog box open, I'm able to press F9 to open an existing auto feature. So, maybe this was re-enabled in some version since 2020 R1.