GD&T Full blown version

Frank T. 4 years ago in Metrology Software / PC-DMIS updated by Krishna Chaitanya Velisetty 4 years ago 2

GD&T capture is very impressive with Trupo callouts. Would like it to include everything from a print.  Distance, Basic, Notes, Find numbers and Database Ballooning.  Name the feature with the GD&T.  Then output into AS9100 format Excel file.

Hi Frank, 

Firstly, thank you for the feedback. The GD&T Capture also works good for other dimensional symbols. Regarding the basic dimensions, Linear Dimensions and Ballooning,  the team is currently working on majority of those items. Hoping to release them soon. 


I will pass on you feedback to the concerned team. Thank you! 

PC-DMIS does have AS9100 excel format output file option.