Angle Point Improvement

Kingsld1 4 years ago in Metrology Software / PC-DMIS updated by Václav Duchan 3 years ago 3

Make it possible to create an angle point using CAD when there is a radius between the two surfaces.

This comes up on nearly every molded part I measure and on most sheet metal parts.

User Interface could be to click on the first surface like it is currently done. If there is a radius (or empty space) between the two surfaces, press Alt and click on the second surface, then click on Create. Have the first click define where the angle point is to be taken at. If there is no radius then just click on Create and process as currently done.


I know, it's a repeat but its been 3 years.....

I've never tried this with edge point, but is this possible with edge point?  If not - this would be great with edge point as well. 

Either way - great suggestion.

This feature would be very useful and speed up my measurements, when I need to recheck the size of a flat pattern.