Saving and recalling paterns

jean-francois manlay (jefman) 8 years ago in Metrology Software / PC-DMIS updated by neil kay 4 years ago 5

I often use the same values in copy / paste with pattern.

It would be usefull to save different patterns, like parameter sets, and recall / execute them.

Oh, whilst we're on with PWP a few more ideas.

1) Tab should go from offset value to number of times box, don't know how many times I've tabbed to mirror radio buttons, so annoying

2) Reverse option, apply the pattern but revers to order of the commands also (useful for move points and mirrored patterns)

Thanks Jean-Francois - don't forget to vote for your idea

Jon, it's important that we don't add different ideas into the same thread.

I understand that, but I also think if there are a number of good enhancements which can be made in one area it's surely a good to hit them all at once, especially considering the limited number of votes. i.e. We vote up one idea now and it get implemented in say a years time, then we vote for another enhancement in the same area and it turns out the method used to solve the original issue isn't compatible with the next enhancement.

Sort of like when your boss asks you to do something and when you're done he asks you to expand on it, or add this or that functionality, which if you'd known from the start you'd have taken a different tack in the first place.

Would there be any objection to starting a thread 'Various improvement to paste with pattern' and conflating these enhancements into one?

Hi Jon,

It is still better to keep them in separate threads on here. That way, each specific sub request can have it's own votes tracked. We will have oversight on the big picture, and if it makes sense to do some of the lesser voted but easy to do things "while we're in there" doing a top voted item, then we will certainly be on the look out to do that.

We need to remember

1) Not all people may think all those suggestions are good ones - in fact some may disagree with some of them. There is no way for us to know which of these suggestions are the popular ones if it's many ideas lumped together

2) One of the additional ideas may be several orders of magnitude harder, and mean to do all the suggestions on the thread requires much longer than one development cycle, potentially delaying getting what may be the more important parts of the thread in a released version.

In other words, whilst the valid points you raise we will try to manage through other means, and it's better to keep these separate and avoid catch alls.

btw, thanks for your help on the forum, in helping people flesh out their ideas so they are more understandable. It's appreciated! :)

Okay, that's good to know the bigger picture will be considered.

No worries with respect to helping. Any chance of an offline license by way of thanks? ;-)