Add CW and CCW motion to vision circles

Barry Buechner (bfire85) 5 years ago in Metrology Software / PC-DMIS updated by Guillermo 2 years ago 4

I would like the option to add CW and CCW motion to vision for circles, like the TTP has. Currently vision only moves counter-clockwise, but I would like the option to move clockwise. This would be handy when trying to create a set out of vision auto features and you want to show an analysis view. This would especially helpful in cases where 2D profile does not work, for example on edges where the Z values change.

Hi Barry,

I'm aware of this issue with analysis view as well. This suggestion would certainly resolve the issue, but it would put the extra work on the programmer. I've thought a better way to resolve would be to prevent connecting lines (tolerance / nominal) between discontinuous features or a point sorting algorythm in the analysis tools.

My question is; does this request go beyond the messy analysis? If we were to provide a solution in the analysis window that removed this need would it also close this idea, or is there another reason I'm missing above?

Hi Matt,

This would fall under the request to clean up a messy analysis view. If PC-DMIS could automate the analysis view that would be ideal. 

Perfect! Thanks for the quick reply.

I second this request and don't believe that the overdue revamp of the analysis view fully addresses the request. 

Yes, being able to have a clean profile of a line report when we create a feature set from the hits is important, but it is not just that.  There are other tasks we many need the feature set that requires the hits be ordered. 
For exampled, when we do constructions and select a scan feature to get a segment.  Just today I had to work on a customer part w/o CAD that had a 2D profile involving multiple line and arc segments and I could not get my arc hits to be in correct order for all arcs.  Simply because I could not do a CW versus CCW.
The point of this request is that we want to be able to order the points and in the case of a circle, we can do so for tactile feature/circle commands, but not for vision and we should be able to.  
Alternative:  Provide sort functions to a feature set  construction command that allows to pick a feature and choose its hits versus the feature itself and sort the hits order. But, this might be consideres a FEATSET construction enhancement Idea request.