Need improvement in the PDF print output of the analysis views

Krishna Chaitanya Velisetty 5 years ago in Metrology Software / PC-DMIS updated by Neil Ryan 8 months ago 4

The current PDF Output report when is zoomed to 1000% or more, the profile lines get hazy or blurred. 

Where as the competitor PDF report output shows the same profile lines neatly. 

One of our customers is a supplier for Rolls Royce (RR) product. RR is using other CMM/software but manage to produce good profile image in PDF although zoom into 6400%. Whereas the same PDF output exported from PC-DMIS is not upto the mark. 

The customer is planning to buy an additional Gantry machine from us but one of the topic during the techincal discussion is that with the report output. 


Quality of CMM scans PDF
UMW is facing issues for CMM profile plot output in pdf version. The profile in pdf unable to provide quality profile when zooming to bigger magnification. This pdf is required and being used by UMW customer during assessing the concession data. From customer point of view, they do not have similar issue with other company who is using other CMM manufacturer