CLM license manager

Selahattin Akkaya 5 years ago in Metrology Software / PC-DMIS updated 3 years ago 4

The offline license manager (CLM) should show who is using the licenses. Must be interactive.

See also "Catia License Administration Tool"


If you are using a floating license installed over a server, the CLM will definitely show which user is currently accessing the license seat. 

The same principle applies in CATIA as well. 

Are you using CLM Floating license installed over a server cluster? 

Yes Floating license

I open "Client License Manager for Node Locked Licenses" to get a license. I choose the license. But I don't know if it's idle or not. Clicking "Borrow" gets a license if it is idle, and gives an error if it is full. I am a user computer, not a server.

why am i doing these. Click on pcdmis to get the license if it is idle.

several people are using the same license. "Open CLM, leave license, open CLM, get license" is always done.

If I want to take it for a long time, I would like to choose it separately.

1) It should be written which user is next to the license.

2) I don't want to use CLM for instant use. Pcdmis should release the license when closed.

the topic is current