Splines-filters with UPR and Wavelength

Marcus Grahn 5 years ago in Metrology Software / PC-DMIS updated by neil kay 4 years ago 0

Summary: Be able to use splines-filters with either UPR and/or Wavelength. Also a closing ball filter could be very useful. To my knowledge we are not able to filter features using a spline-filter with a cutoff based on either a wavelength or UPR (only a smoothing parameter).


With the more frequent use of scanning probes and the relatively new ISO-standard 1101:2017 describing filters, filtering is becoming more important and at the same time more often used. The definition of the Tolerance indicator has changed slightly and therefore filters are being applied much more often.

It would be very nice if PC-DMIS could support these functions directly in the "FCF-dialogue" or at least be able to create the features using the correct filtering parameters. For example add it as an available filter (same place as the gaussian filter) in the auto features and construct feature dialogue.

An example from the standard is cylindricity using a spline long-wave pass filter with cutoff values of 0,25mm in the axial direction and 150 UPR in the circumferential direction.