When Machine shuts off Unexpectedly - Add a Save feature (In case Machine can't be restarted)

AlexFare 5 years ago in Metrology Software / PC-DMIS updated by Neil Ryan 2 years ago 6

When Machine shuts off, Currently you get 2 options, 1: OK(If machine won't turn back on it'll keep popping error up) or 2: Exit. Please Add a 3rd option to Save

Under review

Really great idea @AlexFare, and seems an obvious choice when the hardware is un-recoverable. We are looking into this one to make sure there isn't a technical limitation.

Bump. Still lose progress from time to time. Any updates on this from 2 years ago?


I would suggest the save function on crash to be a copy of the original so you don't potentially corrupt the original program.  That way you will have a before and after version to use for trouble shooting.

Great addition to my suggestion! I didn't think of that.Thank You!


Is this still under review? I honestly believe this would be a very important update and would be great to add a save or save as feature.

I know everyone has experienced at least once where a machine error or their shop had lost air and you receive an error such as TR_FG023.Machine Air Pressure or Lube Fault. 

I can't imagine this would be a difficult add on.

Can you confirm the controller type when you see this error? If you check your license details, it should show either Leitz or FDC? Thanks,