Highlight (color) of a selected feature during feature set/dimension creation

WH Scott 5 years ago in Metrology Software / PC-DMIS updated by neil kay 4 years ago 3

This used to work in previous versions - individual features used to highlight when selected - for example - while creating a feature set or dimension and selecting a vector point in the graphics display widow the point selected would highlight (color change) - seems now the only way to make it highlight is by drawing a box around the point

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When we introduced the display of points within feature in our recent versions, the point features highlight is being overridden in the graphic display window. 

I had logged a bug report on the same to highlight the point features in the graphic display window. 

The current workaround I would suggest is to increase the point size from the CAD & Graphic Display Setup dialog. 

Hello Krishna,

So is it fare to say Hexagon has recognized this as a bug and is working on a fix?

Thanks for the reply!


WH Scott


We are treating this as a bug which is being scheduled. As this site is for new features not bugs, I will need to set the state to declined - but don't take that to mean that we won't address it.