Having the option to select a variable as a lighting option instead of a percentage in lighting parameters

cldonaldson 5 years ago in Metrology Software / PC-DMIS updated by neil kay 4 years ago 6

For example, in vision, you save lighting settings to percentages you want. I would like to have a setting where I can pick a lighting that I want on with a preset variable. Like Bottom Light = V999. Then the programmer can assign the variable at the top of the program.

So instead of it saying    "Bottom Light=<off, 100, on>" it would say "Bottom Light=<off,V999, on>"

Instead of having to manually type this for every feature, it will hold the value as a variable rather than a number. This could potentially solve all lighting issues going forward and make it super easy for a programmer to update/change programs if needed. And if possible

Good idea. Are you by any chance the C Donaldson formally living the dream in Telford? :)

HA, No I am not, I am the C Donaldson prepping for the cold winter of MN.

If I understand the request correctly, we already support this.

A user can add a variable for the illumination intensity, the one limitation we have is related to the Ring Light. We currently only store and display the average intensity for the Ring Light, rather than the intensities for each individual bulb.

We have a story in our backlog to add this support but it is not currently scheduled for the next few versions

I don't know if we are. I am going to try to explain it better through a photo.

I want to be able to type a variable in the lighting (highlighted on the right v999) and save it as a quick set (be able to do this in ring/bottom/top light). So if this could be possible, then it wouldn't matter how many bulbs/sections the ring light has right?  The variable should hold true regardless how many sections/bulbs the ring light has.

Are you hoping this would be a global variable?  Otherwise this is possible by first initializing the variable to your desired value in each program.  Then in the Code interface(command mode/edit window) you input the variable in that location.

Unfortunately, I don't believe you can save the variable as a quickset - Im guessing but it will either ignore the value, store the value or crash but I doubt it will save variable.  This guess is based on the variable not displaying in the GUI after it's been inserted into the feature.

No, you can not apply a variable to a quick set. It automatically changes it to 0. Our company is a little different. Using vision and having over 1,000 features a day, manually typing the variable in the interface is time consuming and becomes impractical for us. Plus, different magnifications, thicknesses, and material will require different light settings. Light settings change from machine to machine. We have 3 different models of optivs that are all on complete opposite ends of the spectrum for lighting. So having a fast quick way to do this would be nice. The only thing that I could think of that would be user friendly is to allow the programmer to set variables as quick sets.

We have around 20,000 programs. Being able to copy/paste variables through copy/paste parameters would be very nice as well but that ignores variables. So there is currently not a quick way to update older programs.