Additional excel functionality

philip grant 5 years ago in Metrology Software / PC-DMIS updated by Matt 4 years ago 8

Full integration of excel templates into PC-DMIS

- Maintain formulas in the template

- Keep previously made excel  charts in the output

- After the 5 piece study is complete have the option to make a new file, or continue adding more runs

Yes adding more parts would be great, most of the time I need to do a 13 pcs sample so having to run 3 

different runs and putting them together can be some what of a pain.

Just modify the template to contain more colums with the MEAS value.

There are limitation to the Excel Form Report that will need feature improvements. The custom template should have more ability then the Customized Excel Report in DataPage+.

Here is a PC-DMIS form link on one of the Excel Form Report discussions.

Iinserting a Excel Report at end or Cmm program

I did have a case where the customer was asking for a customized part study. We customized to 8 runs by modifying the template and it worked as charm. 

Hexagon Germany here asks a fee-based tool in several languages!

Hello Everyone, 

We are working on many of suggestions and have implemented some. 

To note:

- Excel Form Report maintains the formulas in template. It has been working since its initial version. In order to make this more visible, we have added Formula bar on the top - just like Excel. it will show you the formula associated with selected cell. This feature will be released in Summer of 2020 with PC-DMIS 2020 R2.

- We have fixed the issue of now recording measurement after 5 parts. As such you can modify template to add any number of parts. In 2020 R1 version, scheduled to be released by end of January 2020, we display a message that the result file is full. User can rename the current result file and new file will get created. 


Hi Phil, I'm going to wrap this idea up with the release of 2020 R2. We only delivered two of your three ideas, but this is always the trouble with multiple enhancements in a single thread.

If you want to create a new idea for the auto file index (after x parts) this is the item that didn't get worked on.