Clicking an Icon opens a "Workpiece Setup instruction"

Simon L 5 years ago in Metrology Software / PC-DMIS updated by neil kay 4 years ago 6

Would be nice as operator in user-mode to click an icon in the toolbar to open the "Workpiece setup instructions". Today we save them in a directory next to the programm as PDF/Word file. To complicated for the operator to find it...they have to use hardcopies

There is a new capability in Inspect 4.1 (coming out next week) that has "Pre-Execution Files" - that allows you to attach PDF, Word files, Movies etc - specifically for the purpose of workpiece setup. As you select the routine in Inspect, these documents are available to view.

Hei Neil. Thanks for this info.

Is something like this also planed for the PCDMIS-Operator Interface? 

There are no plans to extend the PC-DMIS Operator Interface, and in fact, Inspect is viewed as the eventual replacement for it.

Have you considered using forms for this?   I've set up a standard menu in all my measurement routines.    One of the options opens up a form with setup pictures and instructions.

You can also assign the workpiece instruction to a custom icon on your toolbar, provided they are all named the same (instruction.pdf or similar) that opens the instruction when clicked. If they aren't named the same, you could have a script assigned to the icon that looks for a variable in your part program that has the name assigned to it, then open the specific file, using the variable content.

I create the setup instructions in Excel, take a screen shot and put it into a comment box that pops up the moment the operator clicks Execute. Otherwise, you can upload the setup instructions into your code as an external attachment that pops up the moment they click execute.