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Neil 5 years ago in Hardware / Robotic Measuring Systems updated by neil kay 4 years ago 5

I would like to see help for other Hexagon software such as Cognitens Coreview, Teach for white light added to the "Other Hexagon Software" area of the site. We often require help and also have the knowledge to help others, this software seems to be overlooked due to the limited user base. I have requested this to Hexagon before with limited response.

Just to be clear, are you talking about wanting it in the pcdmisforum website?


Hi Neil, hope you are well. I would like to see Hexagon's white light products to have a forum presence like Datapage, Quindos etc. in the "Other Hexagon Software" area. Currently there is no online help available for this product.


OK - I've passed on the request to the appropriate team and it is being discussed. 

As this is not PC-DMIS related, I will need to close this request from this PC-DMIS idea forum.

Hi Neil,  Thanks for passing on the request. I understand your need to close this as it is not PC-Dmis related however may I ask how users can make suggestions into the "Other software" area of your site?