Extract T-Value From Vision Auto Features' point data (Profile, Circle, Line), rather than remeasuring points.

Kyle Brummans 5 years ago in Metrology Software / PC-DMIS updated by neil kay 4 years ago 2

Currently, it is not possible (to my knowledge) to extract point data from a feature that has been scanned via vision.  The point must be re-measured as a point, rather than comparing to CAD for a T-Value

Hi Kyle,

I'd like to get a bit more info here. You are already able to dimension a point out of a vision auto-feature using the CIR1.HIT[1] syntax, or more easily by selecting the desired hit from the graphics window while the "location" dimension dialog is open.

I realize referencing a point by it's index (i.e. .HIT[151] ) leaves you with a variable location point much like a tactile analog scan, but the variability looks pretty small unless the base feature is changed.

Anyway, the question!

Are you wanting to control the location of individual points in vision features (almost like a tactile probe takes discreet hits)?

Sorry for the delayed response, Matt.   (My current version 2018 R2)

Yes.   If possible it would be nice to resolve 'profile' scan points into actual hits where a T-value from CAD can be realized.

Currently, if I take i.e..hit[151] and tolerance the T-value it seems to default the value you to the deviation in Z.