PMI/MDB/GD&T for Native Autodesk Inventor CAD FILES in PC-DMIS

Valentin Tarba 5 years ago in Metrology Software / PC-DMIS updated by neil kay 4 years ago 7

Adding the functionality of AUTODESK INVENTOR CAD files to generate de program in PC-DMIS using PMI/MDB/GD&T like CAD files from CATIA

Additionally, add the Autodesk Inventor LT version to the list.

Question. Will Autodesk be willing to allow PC-DMIS the ability? The reason for this question is that Power Inspect is a product of Autodesk.

Great idea, I see more and more users requesting this functionality.

We need to speed up programing operations using all tools from CAD models. It is a great idea to develop all functions that help  the programmer.

We are looking for test files (Inventor w/PMI) to assist us in our continuous improvement of consuming PMI into PC-DMIS.  If any customers are willing to provide files, please contact me (michael.piontek@hexagon.com) and I can provide a export controlled link to our Sharefile system.  Thank you!

Scheduled 2020 R2