Promt operator BEFORE changing tip angles within program

Alan_C 5 years ago in Metrology Software / PC-DMIS updated by neil kay 4 years ago 5

I program offline for different machines and all of the machines do not have the same probe head, so the tip rotation angles are not the same. When an operotor mistakenly opens a program on the machine that is equiped with the PROBEPH10M probe head instead of the HH-AS8-T2.5, PC-DMIS automatically switches the tip angles that are available while using the PH10M. This is a problem because even if they don't run the program, simply closing the program will save the new tip angles. File, Quit will not save it but sometimes it doesn't go down like that.

If you have two different probe heads you'll have to go to the least common denominator.   I.E. Use the Hex head to program with, because of the size differences, and restrict your probe angles to 7.5 degree increments.    Prompting the operator is not going  to change that.      If you want to go down that route,  it's not that difficult to add an operator comment.       I have the same problem; two machines, two different probe heads.

A good amount of the time going with the least common denominator will work but there still is plenty of times where I need to reach into a hole for example and the tip angle needs to be just right so that shanking does not occur. My point is sometimes that 2.5° does matter.

If 2.5° matters then you couldn't run it on both machines, in those cases maybe identify the programs by which machine they specifically need to run on.

You could put a text file on each CMM computer  with a CMM Name.  At the beginning of the program read the text file.  If it won't run on that machine,  have code to kick the operator out of the program.  (Snarky remarks are semi-optional.)

Good ideas. I understand there are things I can do to get around this problem but I figured I just wanted to give my idea so that maybe there wouldn't need to be a work around in the first place. I really like Kingsld1 idea though...sounds fun.