Allow measured feature coordinates to convert to auto features

Kyle Brummans 5 years ago in Metrology Software / PC-DMIS updated by neil kay 4 years ago 3

Often there are tools in auto features that are quite useful.  Often enough I spend time manually converting the coordinates of a measured feature into an autofeature to get the benefits it prescribes.

Alternatively, Combine Measure Features and Auto Features. Meaning, there should only be one-measure feature tools that have the combine capability of both. The problem with this idea could be the backwards capability that PC-DMIS have to save to older versions of PC-DMIS.

I like the idea, might not be a problem.  In new versions it will import old versions and read them both as the new version. 

And since we have auto-features now and they don't pose a problem, it would just save as that format when saving backwards.   ?  -Seems like it would work, right?

Well, Hexagon was thinking about removing the Measure Features more than a few years ago. Not, sure what their plan was with any improvements to the Auto Features. Last I heard at the user group meeting was that they gave up on that idea. This was about the same time when they suggested of removing the Wizard Tools. Maybe, there was issues trying to get the best features from the Measure Features added to the Auto Features.