Program Icon changes with Version

Kyle Brummans 5 years ago in Metrology Software / PC-DMIS updated by neil kay 4 years ago 4

Change the ICON of a program in the explorer window depending on the version it is saved in.


-2018 R1 & 2 Icon would be the number 18

-2017 R1 & 2 icon would be the number 17


We have multiple customers that require different versions of PCDMIS - before we send the program we have to verify that it is in the correct format.  This would be a quick visual to verify that it has been saved correctly.

R1 & R2 changes (or equivalent) could be differentiated by a standard color scheme.  I.E. Blue is First Release Red is Second.. etc..

but if you made every icon and release stand out, it would be obnoxious.........😁

Hexagon needs to add a "Last saved with" to the Explorer folder Details.

Example how SolidWorks uses the SW Last saved with setting. This will display the SolidWorks version that the cad model was last save as.

Agreed.  That would work out smoothly.  Didn't realize softwares had that option.