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Spring Back Value not to be applied to 1st Straight

Liviu 5 years ago in Metrology Software / TubeShaper updated by neil kay 4 years ago 2

After calculating and saving the Spring Back Value we can use this calculations to correct the LRA of a new nominal tube.

The only thing that TubeShaper is applying the spring back correction to the 1st straight.

This is the only straight that has no elongation error, because  the rotation and the bending angle are applied from the second one forward. Actually the TS is correcting the tube on the 1st straight, and after the 1st measurement he bring's it back close to the nominal. 

If we don't apply SPE correction on the 1st straight, the customer has to do 1 correction less and he has 1 less scraped tube.

Under review

Hi Liviu-
    The team discussed this issue and feel that the statement "the first straight has no elongation error" is not correct. The elongation of most straights is affected by its adjacent bends (i.e. usually the bend before it, and the bend after it). But, in the case of the first straight, the elongation is only affected by one bend after the straight (i.e. one bend, not two).  Therefore, the elongation compensation is half of what it normally would be in a 2 bend straight elongation case.  

Hi Glen,

I will try to give you more detailed information's next weeks wen i will have the opportunity to do real measurements and correction values with the arm and the bender machine, like this you can understand better what i meant.