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Develop of a tool that handles the change of the Adaptive Scanning Strategies Parameters in a set of Auto Feature holes

Liviu 5 years ago in Metrology Software / PC-DMIS updated by Neil Ryan 8 months ago 17

Actual versions of Pc-Dmis doesn't handles the Copy/Paste Parameters for automatic features with Adaptive Scanning Strategies. If the measurement routines has a high number of features, and you want to change a parameter such as point density, speed, acceleration or filtering options you have to change the holes 1 by 1 with F9 button. If the measurement routine has 5-10 holes it can be done, but if the measurement routine has a high number of holes than this is counterproductive you loose to much time changing parameters.

It is not possible to cancel the features change one of them and after copy it with pattern, because you will loose any connection to constructed features or dimensions.

Normal parameters for a Ø10 mm hole are present in the window below, but this means that the measurement will be done with 188 hits. For 80 holes in a measurement routine this is time consuming.

Image 263

If i want to Override the Point density from 6pts/mm to 1 pts/mm i have to go 80 times F9 and change manually the option for all holes in the same pattern.

Image 264

wish to have vote this 20 times..

This is really an important one...

that's what is requested by several customers. They would like the copy parameters function for adaptive scanning features, too

not only auto features' adaptive scan , it would be great also for auto features' laser features.

My main idea was for the adaptive scan, but i think that can be used for all parameters in the automatic features, no matter the interface TTP, analog, laser, vision... 

Also for me it can be valid not only for adaptive scanning, but I think it can be used for all the parameters in the automatic functions, regardless of the TTP interface, analog, laser, vision ...

I'd love to use this tool

it would be nice if this "new tool" would also allow you to change the name of the elements, not just the parameters, for example by removing some characters or adding fix/incremental prefix or  suffix

It would be fantastic if they were editable from command mode without F9, just like the parameters on a touch probe hole.


Hi All,
there is an utility on the ftp-Server which was developed from Werner Habermann:
This tool can mange the different parameters from AutoFeatures in a measurement routine. I'm pretty sure that the tool did not support the strategies, but maybe it can be enhanced in this direction.


I think, it could also be useful to add a toggle inside the autofeature so the scan uses the settings from the option probe command. Like this it would behave like the other scan commands. One would only need to change the option probe command and the autofeatures adjust accordingly.

Potentially, though it's nice to be able to have different size holes use correspondingly different settings. I like having it specific to the hole, it just needs to be more transparent for copy and pasting parameters and editing them from the edit window.


I don't want to take the option away to have it specific to the autofeature. 

But I think it would add value if we can set the autofeatures to use the settings from the option probe.


You're right, to have that as a possible option would be good.

Copy/paste parameter functionality for adaptive scan parameters was added to PC-DMIS 2022.2

See help file: Copy Parameters


Thanks friends for this suggestion and voting. 
We have a propsal pending. I would seek permission to take on this issue. If permitted, we will have this very soon in out software!!